Math-rich NLP on Billion Token Corpora
05 April, 2016

Research overview on large-scale natural language processing on math-rich scientific documents, as carried out by the KWARC research group.
  AITP16 ,   Math NLP ,   Corpora ,   arXiv ,   LaTeXML

Live Mathematics on Authorea
13 July, 2015

A case for transparency in science, exemplified via a showcase of active mathematical features on
  MathUI ,   Live Mathematics ,   Authorea ,   Showcase ,   Flot ,   D3JS ,   iPython ,   LaTeXML ,   Pandoc

Kat: An Annotation Tool For Stem Documents
13 July, 2015

A first report on the KWARC annotation framework, aimed at producing gold standards for math linguistics.
  MathUI ,   Annotation ,   STEM