Deep Expertise: the Need for Fine-tuning at Scale
03 September, 2019

Comparing pre-trained Glove models with domain-specific models, and factoring in data volume magnitudes, poses a question about generalization

MathML on the Web – Please!
16 September, 2015

The artificial juggling of JavaScript snippets to get common sense, usable mathematical rendering needs to stop.
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Authoritative LaTeX
01 May, 2015

A select palette of power authoring features, brought to you by Authorea and LaTeXML.
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LaTeX is Dead (long live LaTeX)
16 March, 2015

How does one write a scientific document for the web? Can one use LaTeX? Should we?

Joys of Pi: Test Server and Monitor host for the startup developer
14 March, 2015

Pi Fun on Pi Day!